(Criminal Law 1)

1.        What law gave birth to the Revised Penal Code and when did it took effect?

a. RA 3815 Jan 1, 1923                          c. RA 3185 Jan 1, 1932

b. RA 3815 Jan 1, 1932                          d. RA 3518 Jan 1, 1932

2.  Which of the following is not a source of Phil. Penal Laws?

a. Rev. Penal Code                                  c. Penal Pres. Decrees

b. Special Penal Laws                            d. Legislative Decrees

3.  Philippine Penal Law is applicable within the Phil. territory to include:

a. its athmosphere                                  c. maritime zone

b. interior waters                                    d. all of them

4.        The principle that sovereign and head of states are excemted from criminal h a relation to the liability is covered by this law.

a. Law of Foreign Affairs                       c Law in Prefered Head of States

b. Law of preferential  treatment  d. Law of Preferential Application

5.        Member of the Royal Family of England are called.

a. Sovereign                                                            c. Head of States

b. Royalties                                                             d. Duke and Duchess of York

6.        Obligation and Securities issued by the Philippine Government refers to:

a. money bills                                          c. Government Bonds

b. coins                                                   d. Letter of Credit

7.        Difraction of laws, the commission of which carrries the penalty of Arrest to Mena.

a. Delito/ felony                                       c. less grave felony

b. grave felony                                        d. light felony

8.        Characteristics of criminal law wherein penal law undertakes to punish all crimes committed within the Philippine territory

a. Territoriality                                         c. Prospectivity

b. Extra Territoriality                                d. Generaliaty

9.  Select teh persons not exempted  from criminal liability.

a. Ambassadors                                     c. changes d’ affraires

b. ministers                                                              d. consuls

10.  The criminal acts punished by the Revised Penal Code.

a. felonies                                                               c. Offenses

b. crimes                                                 d. Misdeameor

11.          What will a judge do if the acts done by a person being tried in court is not covered by law?

a. Convict the accused                           c. Place the accused under probation

b. Acquit the accused                             d. Give the accused Parole

12.          It exists when two or more person comes to an agreement to commit a felony and decided to do it.

a. Conspiracy                                          c. Confederation

b. Proposal                                                              d. Accomplish

13.          A swift attack on a military instabillation due by elements of the AFP or police.

a. pmotiring                                                              c. Rebellion

b. coup de etat                                        d. Insurrection

14.          Rising publicity and taking arms against the government

a. Sedition                                                               c. Rebellion

b. coup de etat                                        d. Insurrection

15.          Rising publicity and tumultuously in order to attain by force present the promulgation of any law.

a. Sedition                                                               c. rebellion

b. coup de etat                                        d. insurrection

16.          A legislative action that punishes without trial.

a. Ex-post facto law                                               c. Unconstitutional law

b. bill of attainder                                     d. penal attainder

17.          Stage om the commission of a felony when all the elements necessary for its execution and accomplishment are present.

a. attempted   b. frustrated                     c. consummated         d. enumerated

18.          Incurred by a person committing a felony although the wrongful act done by different from what he intend to do.

a. felony  b. offense               c. criminal liability     d. civil liability

19.          It is committed when a person who decided to commit a felony proposes its execution to another person.

a. accessory            b. accomplice         c. conspiracy         d. proposal

20.  Felony is committed either by Culpa or?

a. fault                     b. dolo                     c. neglect                d. lack of skill

21. Power of the state to define and punish crime.

a. power of eminent domain   c. notice power

b. legislative power                                 d. executive power

22.  Rebellion treasm and sedition are crimes against?

a. public security                                     c. national government

b. public service                                      d. national security

23.          If an offense was committed by a Japanese national on board a Singapore Airlines plane abort to land at the NAIA.  What penal law will apply.

a. Singapore Law                                   c. Philippine Law

b. Japanese Law                                    d. International Law

24.  Felonies punishable only when they are committed.

a. Consumated Felonies                          c. Frustrated Felonies

b. Attempted Felonies                             d. Light Felonies

25.  Another word for deceit?

a. dolo                     b. culpa                       c. fault                 d.negligence

Part Two

1.        What is criminal law and give the sources of our penal laws.

2.        What is an impossible crime?  Explain and give examples.

3.        Sgt. McKey, a member of the US Marine Corps involved in War Games 2001 sanctioned by the Visiting Forces Agreement (VFA) killed a Filipina bar girl while having a drink at a Baguio restaurnant while on rest and recreation. (R&R). Is he criminaly liable?  Explain with legal reasons.

4.        Mr HAPON, a Japanese national was on board a Korean Airline plane from Tokyo, Japan bound for Manila.  While the plane was preparing to land at the NAIA, he stabbed Mr. ONG a Chinese tourist. What penal law will apply?  Explain with legal reasons.

5.        A counterfeiting group composed of Russians and North Koreans were arrested by US            Coast Guard operatives in the waters of Hawaii, USA on board a Japanese Ship S.S. Maru. Found in their possession were forged Philippine pesos.

6.        Can the group be forced to be tried here in the Philippines under our penal laws? Ex plain.

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